Welcome to Lifelong Photography

A place where you are invited to be yourself; to laugh, to treasure, to enjoy and soak up all your memories. I strive to capture the raw, the real and the love. No weird poses, no fake smiles. My photography style is authentic, and real. I want to capture you, your kids, and your real life moments in your element.

Take this opportunity to slow down, be unplugged and present with your family. Hold your babies close to you, sing to them, stroke their hair, breathe them in and soak up every inch of them, because time is fleeting but I am here to freeze it for you. I want you to experience this session as a time to be calm and soak in all of the newborn moments, the love you have for your spouse and kiddos.

I am not the right photographer for everyone and that's okay. I value emotion and connection over the perfectly posed photo, as I believe it is in the imperfections where the true beauty is found. I take pride in the raw and the real that I capture each session. I typically edited in a warmer tone to capture the emotions.

Let me find the beauty in your everyday.

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